Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Marilyn Monroe Painting by Amanda Delight

Created for Beyond Beads in Anchorage, Alaska
The first layer. Using thin washes of grey,
I mapped out the proportions and composition.
Second layer.
Starting to build up the layers of oil paint.
Third layer.
Facial features and hair take form.
This painting is for sale at Beyond Beads
located on 6th between D and C Street, suite 132E
outside on the lower level of 5th Ave Mall

Food Log

0800 - yogurt
1230 - veggie wrap
1700 - trail mix
1900 - 1 mile on the precore 100i
3 sets of 10 vertical chest at 60lbs
3 sets of 10 compound row at 60lbs
3 sets of 10 pec fly at 40 lbs
3 sets of 20 situps on the stability ball with an 8lbs weight on my chest
3 sets of 5 pushups on the stability ball
3 sets of 15 medicine ball passes
I then finished with
3 sets of 20 sec planks
2000 - small green salad with chick and a half a cup of tomato soup

I was too busy at work today to get in more meals.
I was lacking energy and took a 30 min nap before heading to the gym.
Sometimes its difficult to stick to a plan when needing balance.
Watching men lift while I stretch is what I call multitasking.

Monday, August 29, 2011

Timothy Bloom, Thank you.

I needed this.

Food Log

0800 - Yogurt
1030 - 2 hard boiled egg whites
1230 - Small green salad with chicken
1430 - 2 hard boiled egg whites
1700 - small bowl of kashi
1900 - 2 miles on the precor 100i burning 285 cal.
Then I did a circuit of:
3 sets of 20 situps on the stability ball with an 8lbs weight on my chest
3 sets of 5 pushups on the stability ball
3 sets of 15 medicine ball passes
I then finished with
3 sets of 20 sec planks
2030 - Small Salad with chicken

today a drank about 48 oz of water


A friend of mine whom is going through a difficult time just asked me,
"Why is change so scary?"

I replied with,
"Because its unknown, uncertain and unfamiliar. We are creatures of habit and routine. We take comfort in things that are predictable. But, sometimes change is the only option due to circumstances that are out of our control. So we have to adapt. And as scary as it may be, you CAN do this! You CAN adapt to change."

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Food Log

10:30 - Small bowl of Kashi with rice milk
11:30 - 2 miles on the precor 100i burning 282 cal.
(I would have done triple this but the boss pulled me off)
50 consecutive situps on the stability ball with an 8lbs weight on my chest
3 sets of 10 sec planks
then I rotated:
3 sets of 5 pushups on the stability ball
3 sets of 10 forearm/hand ...plank/pushup position thingies
3 sets of 15 medicine ball passes
13:00 - small salad containing plain chicken breast I cooked, romaine, greenleaf and sweet butter lettuce with only organic balsamic vinegar
14:00 - Walked all over downtown taking pictures and networking
17:00 - Small Salad

today a drank about 48 oz of water

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Food Log

10:00 - Small bowl of Kashi with rice milk
12:00 - Less than 8 oz of an energy drink (free sample I was given)
13:00 - 2 miles on the precor 100i
50 consecutive situps on the stability ball with an 8lbs weight on my chest
3 sets of 10 sec planks
then I rotated:
3 sets of 5 pushups on the stability ball
3 sets of 10 forearm/hand ...plank/pushup position thingies (I dont know what they are called but they are fantastic for getting my heart rate up)
3 sets of 15 medicine ball passes (Sitting on the mat, you will raise your legs so that there is a 90-degree angle in your knees as well as a 45-degree angle at your hips. With the medicine ball in your hands, turn your torso to one side and tap the ball to the ground and then turn to the opposite side and tap the ground again. This counts as one repetition)
17:00 - small salad containing plain chicken breast I cooked, romaine, greenleaf and sweet butter lettuce with only organic balsamic vinegar

today a drank about 48 oz of water

I love my brother!

Some day I will get one of these.

Eating Clean by Amanda Delight

Eliminate sugar.

Eliminate white carbs.

Eliminate alcohol.

Cook your meals at home.

Only buy healthy foods to bring into your home.

Eat lean protein.

Consume protein within 30 min after working out.

Pack your own meals for the day.

Eat five small meals every day.

Eat the same calories in a day.

Set a timer to remind you when to eat.

Always eat breakfast.

Limit eating out to once a week and when you do, make smart choices.

Drink as much water in a day as you can!

Dear Paige

On my quest to better myself and improve my lifestyle with feeling good and looking good, I have gained some attention from other women in and around my social networks asking for tips and telling me that I am an inspiration to them. I am flattered by this and motivated to share as I continue on my journey. When I received an Email from Paige (a friend of a friend from Maine) I decided to share my response because I feel others could benefit from our correspondence:

Hey Amanda,

I know this is super random, but I've had the urge to message you for a few days now.

I'm completely inspired by you and all of the changes you've made to better yourself.

I really want to make some serious changes myself. I'm currently seeing someone and working on my every day life and dealing with stress and all that jazz...however, its not enough for me. I want to take it to the physical part of my life as well.

I wanted to ask you, did you work out in your home?? I know you're doing a lot of running...but what exactly jump started this for you? I know its different for everyone...but I think its great to have someone to talk about it with.

How do you stay so focused and driven? I think that would be my hardest part.

Anyway, I hope this didn't completely weird you out.

If you'd like to get back to me, that would be wonderful.

Have a great night!


Dear Paige,

Its funny you should ask me this. I saw a lady in the gym yesterday that I was compelled to talk to as well...but didn't. I wanted to ask her about her body and how she got it to that point. I don't know why women (including myself) don't talk about our images with one another.

Love your body, its the only one you have. It gets you up every day and treats you treat it well. Change it for the better and you will feel better. If you eat clean and exercise, you are doing what you need to do, so love it!

Look in mirrors. Take photos of your self. Set visual goals and in doing so you can structure your physical goals around them. That is how I stay so focused and driven. I have everything in my life from a great career to a loving daughter, but I don't have the body I want. So I am changing that and you can too!

Its all a slow process and doesn't happen over night. You need to start with one step first. For me it was joining a gym. That one step alone came with fear and anxiety that I had to overcome. Once at the gym I then joined a class. That introduced me to others that were inspiring and motivating, because they all have the same fitness goals of being healthy and living well.

Do I workout at home? Yes. I workout wherever I can. At work, at home, at the gym, and outside is where I sweat. I have 4 schedules I juggle. Being organized is the key. Between my work, my daughters school, her daycare and the classes at the gym, I find the wholes and fill them with physical activity.

For years I put my daughter first. Well I put everything before my health really and now I have had to invest in playing catchup to get to my goals. As a mother, I know its hard not to feel guilty about taking time for yourself, but trust me, do it!!!

So, Step one: Join a gym.

Yours truly,

Amanda Delight

My Strings Are Broken and I Miss Him.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Food Log

10:00 - Two hard boiled egg whites
11:30 - One small banana
13:30 - Small salad with chicken, spinach and two more hard boiled egg whites
17:00 - Another small salad
19:00 - 5.45 Miles on the the Precor 100i at level 6 burning 755 calories.
20:00 - bowl of kashi with rice milk

Drank about 32 oz of water today...I forgot my water bottle.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Video Vault: May 2008

The Boss is having a hard time right now with the transition,
so I dug this video out to show her the growth that she has
made and to let her know that its ok to share our feelings.
It opened the door for a great conversation tonight as I was
tucking her in. God, I love her!

Monday, August 22, 2011

R.I.P. Amanda Delight

I want to be remembered for the connection I made with the people I painted throughout my time on this earth. To me there is no greater joy in life (outside of my daughter) than giving of myself. I truly love the human spirit and all that makes us human.

I have always painted those around me that have inspired me in one way or another, and given the paintings to those people. Their reactions to my work, make me feel like I am doing what I was put on this earth to do, "Gods Work" as some put it.

Regardless of any fortune or fame I could acquire in my life, expressing emotion and getting others to feel emotions through my art is important to me.

Love however, is my greatest inspiration...always has been. I have gone through my Grey Periods, reflecting on the sorrow and depression I have felt, but to me love can take me to creative places that even I am surprised by.

Tonight I was reminded of that. I put a lot of myself out here on the web for all to see and read. But I also lead a very private and solitude life. I have a very small circle of family and friends that I let in. I hold them close and value them in my life.

The online community however can only see me through this persona/brand I have created for myself to market all I create and do.

But what is the meaning behind the audio?
What is my connection to the person??
Who am I writing about??
Why did I paint them??
Where did I get the photo for the digital art???
Where is the painting now???
Who is my muse????

There are some details that I will never tell.


I would tell you what I have ate in the last few days...
but it would be a horrible example of what to do.
I can be extreme.
Sometimes diet and exercise is all you have control over in this unpredictable world.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Justin Sato

Inspired by this financial advisor's trip to NYC
and his love for japanese comic art.
I created this piece with over a dozen fine tip sharpies
and thin layers of acrylic paint.
With lots of crosshatching and simple black lines,
I wanted to give it a print look.
I used single shades of thinned out paint
and pushed it around while it was still wet,
instead of using multiple hues and color vales.
If I were to do comic books,
I guess this is what my style would look like!
(Click on the images to enlarge)
Justin Sato
Sharpie and acrylic on canvas
ⓒ Amanda Delight

Steve Harvey

"The man who is willing to put in the time and meet the requirments is the one you want to stick around, because that guy is making a conscious decision that he, too, has no interest in playing games and will do what it takes to not only stay on the job, but also get promoted and be the proud beneficiary of your benefits. And you, in the meantime, maintaing your dignity and self-esteem, and earning the respect of the man who recognized that you were worth the wait."
~Steve Harvey

Monday, August 08, 2011

You Inspire Me.

Sunday School.

Adam Lonergan

Happy Birthday!

My passenger seat as I was headed out to paint.
The world is my studio and the people are my canvas.

Thank you Mr. Grins.

I have some work to do.

Out of the doubt that fills your mind.

I cant stop listening to these lyrics...
over and over they remind me of him.
Its as if she is expressing
what I wish I could say to him,
if he were with me right now.
But hes not.
"I worry I wont see your face, light up again"