Thursday, August 12, 2010


For my artist friends

and all you others

that find my mind

and elapsed time


Poem by Jamie Caldwell


"You've spread your wings

and learned how to fly

your putting your past behind you

your limits now the sky

You have a beautiful daughter

who's always inspired you

you always reach for the stars

and you've taught her to do that too

Samantha has always come first

but your arts not far behind

a new destination awaits you somewhere

new experiences you soon will find

You've had your share of ups and downs

but you've always held your head high

nobody will ever hold you back again

I wouldn't want to even see someone try

You bring stories to life and keep memories alive

in the art pieces you choose to do

with each stroke on your canvas

through your eyes we see something new

Follow your dreams wherever they may take you

I wish you and "the boss" the best for the years ahead

many more lives I'm sure you will touch

wherever you are led"