Sunday, May 22, 2011

One of my many Goals

What my BMI is now.
An obtainable goal of what it "should" be.

For The Record

Today I continued on my quest for a healthier me.
With the help of my trainer Adam,
I am building a routine of smart food choices as well as developing an exercise regiment that is fine tuning my lifestyle.
I decided to start meticulously documenting it here
to not only as Adam put it,
hold me accountable
but to also share it with you
so you can maybe take some of it and incorporate it into your own life.

I consumed:

A turkey sandwich with lettuce, tomato a slice of cheese and mayo

1 oz of dry roasted planters peanuts,

a hand full of fresh asparagus

half a pound of fresh king salmon.

I drank about 10 fl oz of Gatorade

about 20 oz of water

and 8 oz of rice milk.


I spent 45 min at the gym. That consisted of;

1.5 mile warm up on the elliptical machine

three sets of 10 reps of

leg lifts

10 lbs presses, curls and flies on the stability ball

along with 70 crunches with 10 lbs arm extensions on the stability ball as well.

Then I went over and hiked/jogged up Flattop Mountain. One way it is a 1.5-mile (2.4-km) trail, with an elevation gain of 1280 feet.

Normally I would have brought my camera to record my climb. But I purposely left it behind...even my phone.

For once I turned off my multimedia recording to be alone with my mind.

"I gotta find peace of mind"

...and I did.

It was so beautiful up there. On my way down, I got a huge burst of energy while running, it felt fantastic! I will be doing that trail several days a week, so I'm bound to capture it at some point. Stay tuned!