Monday, August 22, 2011

R.I.P. Amanda Delight

I want to be remembered for the connection I made with the people I painted throughout my time on this earth. To me there is no greater joy in life (outside of my daughter) than giving of myself. I truly love the human spirit and all that makes us human.

I have always painted those around me that have inspired me in one way or another, and given the paintings to those people. Their reactions to my work, make me feel like I am doing what I was put on this earth to do, "Gods Work" as some put it.

Regardless of any fortune or fame I could acquire in my life, expressing emotion and getting others to feel emotions through my art is important to me.

Love however, is my greatest inspiration...always has been. I have gone through my Grey Periods, reflecting on the sorrow and depression I have felt, but to me love can take me to creative places that even I am surprised by.

Tonight I was reminded of that. I put a lot of myself out here on the web for all to see and read. But I also lead a very private and solitude life. I have a very small circle of family and friends that I let in. I hold them close and value them in my life.

The online community however can only see me through this persona/brand I have created for myself to market all I create and do.

But what is the meaning behind the audio?
What is my connection to the person??
Who am I writing about??
Why did I paint them??
Where did I get the photo for the digital art???
Where is the painting now???
Who is my muse????

There are some details that I will never tell.


I would tell you what I have ate in the last few days...
but it would be a horrible example of what to do.
I can be extreme.
Sometimes diet and exercise is all you have control over in this unpredictable world.