Sunday, July 25, 2010

From Will

"I think the best thing is to have balance..never put more energy in than the other..cause if you do..then the other will eventually use you because they know they can. If you are investing way more time into someone and they dont appreciate it and take it for granted...then let them go. You will only make you exhausted pursuing them. You cant force someone to love you."

Brilliant words of advise from my friend,

~Will Kasso Condry

Time to Pray

Dear God,

I know I dont thank you often

and Im sure your probably busy watching porn hub,

but if you could take a second

and bless me with a Mammography job

located in an area that would be good for my daughter and I in New York,

I would appreciate it.

In return I could maybe get some lost souls to believe in you again.