Thursday, July 21, 2011

Cross Fit

Adam took me to the track tonight and trained me. I should have been able to go harder than what I did...but it had been so long since I did that kind of workout, or at least that's my excuse. Needless to say I almost threw up. So I drank a bunch of water and had an apple when I got home.
Adam's Boot Camp
Sprint = 3 times at 50/50

Lower = Jump squats x12
walking lunges x12
standing squats x15

Sprint = 3 times at 50/50

Upper = Push ups x12
dumbbell rolls x12
bicep curls x12

Sprints = 3 times at 50/50

Core = Crunch x15
plank with dumbbell up
plank max time
plank elbow and forearms

sprints = 3 times at 50/50

The Rain is Pouring Down

Im in an acoustic mood tonight.
Ive been thinking of the song
my father wrote about me when I was a child.
The lyrics have faded from my memory,
but I wish I could sing them now.