Friday, June 29, 2012

Loose Fat and Build Muscle

Ive set yet another goal and this time Im calculating and tracking it.  Ive been working on it all week with a new meal plan and hope to have all the numbers in place by Monday.  Im very excited to have gotten to this point so expect to see many posts about my progress! 

Monday, June 25, 2012

A Year in Passing.

Anniversaries are a time for reflection. When I took the picture on the left a year ago, I was overwhelmed with a great sense of pride and accomplishment. I called my Mom crying, telling her, "Anything is possible" 

But as I sat alone in my car, I thought, "A year from now, when I run this race again, I will have someone holding the camera for me and taking my picture after cheering me on at the finish line. 

Goals are great and its nice to dream, but sometimes things just dont fall into place like you would like them. Yeah, I could have some "Mr. Will Do" playing the role, but its perfection I seek and I wont settle till he finds me. 

So once again, I ran 13.1 miles with my car key and took my own picture. I may still be alone, but I have my freedom, independence, health and one hell of a good life! 

Love Advice

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Pound for Pound

 I spent my day food prepping for the week. Of course, I still made time for the gym, a pedicure, laundry and bills. But multitasking is just a part of every day life. I find inspiration for ongoing physical fitness though women I meet. I feel as though it is something that keeps me focused and is a heathy aspect of my life that makes me feel good. This week I am adding healthy fats and carbs to my diet to burn fat, heal muscle, maintain gained muscle, and  balance my mood and hormones. Within the next few months, I will see more visual changes as I slowly replace fat for muscle, pound for pound. 

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Amanda Delight's Angel

This was taken of me by my friend Brian Stoecker with my iphone near bird point at 8 P.M. The sun was so intense, he couldnt see the screen. The focus point was near the light causing the shadows and the mazing effects...but I just had to share this because I am just now noticing the green orb in it!