Saturday, July 24, 2010


Capricorns are very ambitious people, they always have something they are pursuing and they want their lives to be fulfilled and important. Capricorns are extremely patient and will wait a long time for something they want, when the opportunity arises, they will plan their steps carefully to others, they might appear hesitant but this is not true, they know that there is only one chance to succeed and they are filing together their information to take the proper steps to accomplish their goal with flying colors, not just second rate. Capricorns have a very active mind and strong powers of concentration. Capricorns like being in control of their surroundings and everyone in their life. Capricorns are very cautious but this only to survey the situation before leaping in, they will never make a hasty jump in. They accept change but introduce it slowly so they can get used to it and incorporate it into their life. Capricorns tend to see life in black or white, definitive's only. There are no gray areas for these are areas that are not understood and this makes Capricorn feel uncomfortable. They tend to be in control in a romantic relationship that way they are never vulnerable to another person.

A 3-minute movie about love...

Please watch this. Its for you.
A 3-minute movie about love...

Photoshop CS5

I got photoshop on July 18, 2010.
While practicing getting use to the program
and working to refine my layers,
I will be doing quick digital creations
of my Facebook fans, friends and family.
Watch as my skills grow
and I take on yet another medium.

DJ Babbidge

Done for DJ Babbidge
of Mingleround Productions.
Based out of San Fran,
his website will be coming out soon.
I will link it here when it does.

My Flower Child