Sunday, November 17, 2013

Reach For Your Goals

I joined a new gym this week. 
I had out grown my old one. 
I needed a place where I could practice and learn olympic lifts
with lighter bars and bumper plates. old gym had a pull-up bar perfect for my height
where I loved to do toes-to-bar-burpees.

So here I am, 
in a new place, with strangers watching
and a bar much farther away from my reach.

It was a metaphore for any goal.
Was I afraid to fail?
Was the bar set too high?
Was I afraid of what those around me would think?
Did I take a leap and reach for it anyway??

Regardless of who is looking, 
the obsticles in your way
or the thought of failure,
reach for your goals!

Click on the link below to play video:

Monday, November 04, 2013

Thank you Kevin Soto

New Jersey Tattoo artist,
 Kevin Soto just left me this comment on Instagram.
 Not only did it make my night,
 but it's a beautiful reminder that by sharing my gift,
 I have taught, inspired and possibly changed lives.
 I am flattered and humbled, but more importantly,
 reminded of why I need to continue to create.