Monday, February 20, 2012

Happy Birthday Boss!

8 years ago today after 18 hours of labor, I gave birth to an 8 pound soul that is unique and in my opinion, nothing less than amazing. I love how she laughs at my jokes and melts my heart with every, "thank you, I love you" and unexpected kiss. She is creative beyond my understanding and her independent sass makes me proud. She amazes me more every day as I watch her grow and evolve into her own person. I regret not going on to art school, I regret marring the sperm donor and moving to northern maine. But one thing I will never regret was choosing to have her. I couldnt have asked or planned for a better sidekick in life ♥ She is proof enough for me that everything does happen for a reason.

Thursday, February 09, 2012

Im sitting in a dark room all alone,
wishing I wasnt.
This goes out to all the independent women like myself.
Its ok to be alone,
even if it makes you cry now and then.
Because at least youre not connected to someone...
and still sitting there all alone.

But Instead I Just Sit Here

If I captured your face a million times in paint,

would it show you the way I see you,

utterly perfect to me.

Because I look at all of this blank canvas and all I want to do is

draw you looking back my way.

I want to surround myself with your essence

displaying to the whole world that my world is made up of you.

Tuesday, February 07, 2012

If Only You Could See What I See!

If you are female and over 40 or if you are 10 years younger to your mothers diagnosis of breast cancer and it has been a year since your last mammogram, please do all of your friends and family a favor and schedule your mammogram tomorrow!!! Its a quick, simple and easy test that can save your life!

Someone Pinch Me

Tonight I couldnt help but laugh to myself out loud
as I was at the gym doing cardio.
I do my best thinking when Im in the zone,
alone with my thoughts.
I had the voices of my coworkers from today in my head.
They were telling me how lucky I am
and how they envy my current lifestyle.
Really though,
I couldnt help but laugh concerning the details...
knowing they are absolutely right!
...even I envy me.

Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Moose Walks Into Hospital

All morning I watched as the baby moose made it way closer and closer to the entrance until it finally stood close enough for the automated doors to open and he walked right in!!!! After being scared back towards the exit, it just stood there as if it was enjoying the heat from inside the building. But then the doors shut on it causing the baby moose to walk back outside. ~A. Delight