Saturday, September 03, 2011

Todays Regimen

First I slept in.
1500 - turkey sandwich on wheat bread with lettuce and tomato
1600 - 1800 Gym
1 mile of cardio
then I repeated the following list 3 times:
3 planks for 20 sec hold
10 stability ball push ups
10 mule kicks
20 leg lifts on the ball
20 reverse sit ups on the stability ball
20 sit ups on the ball with a 8 lbs wt on my chest
20 sit ups on the ball while extending my arms and passing the 8lbs wt over my head down to my feet
20 side to side medicine ball passes
Then I did another mile of cardio...mainly because I followed a hot guy into the cardio room.
1830 - 6 oz of Lean MR shake
2000 - cup of tomato soup

I drank a ton of water today.

Choose Life by Amanda Delight