Friday, June 24, 2011

Note to Self

I think self exploration is important and what better way to learn about yourself, then through the conversations with others.
So I decided to share one I had yesterday via text message with you:

Him: So I hear you are looking for a relationship.

Me: Im not looking for "a relationship" Im looking for "the right relationship"

Him: What's the right relationship?

Me: One that allows me to keep my own identity and individualism. One that is supportive and allows personal growth. One that is honest and loyal. One that makes me a better person as a unit rather than standing alone. One that has a foundation of strong friendship and unconditional love.

Him: Too in depth.

Me: I know what I want.

So, Im posting this not only as a personal reminder that these things are important to me, but to also share what I have learned from past relationships with you.
I believe that two people have to be looking for the same things and that your core values have to be mutual...
or it just wont work.
If you try to make it work,
you will only be left with hurt feelings and wasted time.