Tuesday, February 07, 2012

If Only You Could See What I See!

If you are female and over 40 or if you are 10 years younger to your mothers diagnosis of breast cancer and it has been a year since your last mammogram, please do all of your friends and family a favor and schedule your mammogram tomorrow!!! Its a quick, simple and easy test that can save your life!

Someone Pinch Me

Tonight I couldnt help but laugh to myself out loud
as I was at the gym doing cardio.
I do my best thinking when Im in the zone,
alone with my thoughts.
I had the voices of my coworkers from today in my head.
They were telling me how lucky I am
and how they envy my current lifestyle.
Really though,
I couldnt help but laugh concerning the details...
knowing they are absolutely right!
...even I envy me.