Sunday, August 28, 2011

Food Log

10:30 - Small bowl of Kashi with rice milk
11:30 - 2 miles on the precor 100i burning 282 cal.
(I would have done triple this but the boss pulled me off)
50 consecutive situps on the stability ball with an 8lbs weight on my chest
3 sets of 10 sec planks
then I rotated:
3 sets of 5 pushups on the stability ball
3 sets of 10 forearm/hand ...plank/pushup position thingies
3 sets of 15 medicine ball passes
13:00 - small salad containing plain chicken breast I cooked, romaine, greenleaf and sweet butter lettuce with only organic balsamic vinegar
14:00 - Walked all over downtown taking pictures and networking
17:00 - Small Salad

today a drank about 48 oz of water