Sunday, September 02, 2012

The Correlation Analysis

My daughter and I at the statue of liberty.
 Maybe some day these kind of quotes will be powerless to me.
 But until then,
 they will continue to talk to me
 and give me the drive to keep walking.....
and there it is,
 the direct correlation.

Time Is On My Side

Left taken 3-20-11 with my iphone 4,
 size 12 jeans (clearly too big), a medium shirt with a 36 DD bra.

Right taken 9-2-12 with my iphone 4S,
size 12 jeans (that I paint in cause I love them), an XS shirt, and a 32D bra.

 Was I happy with my image then, absolutely.
 Is this subtle change worth the money,
 time, effort and pain?
 Without a doubt.
 I told a friend last night
 this its a long slow process,
 and it is.
 Change does not happen over night
and it is not easy.
 But, the only thing stopping you from having the body
 and over all health you have always wanted, 
is you!

A Delight Volkswagen Short Bus