Saturday, June 05, 2010

"Getting broken because of men is behind you."

This song makes me think of the future I want.
To some day wake up next to the eyes Im in love with.
To paint them over and over as they watch me from across the room.
But for now, I just want to get to know him.

What I Am Training For

I was asked if Im training for a marathon,
and my answer was,
"No, Im training for many things."

Here is a list of a few of them:
The next time I have sex...and all of the other times to follow.
A future job interview.
The moment in time when I have to slip on a lil black dress
to be someone's arm candy for the night at a black tie affair.
For every first impression.
My next art show.
For every video I want to make.
But most importantly,
for a better future guaranteed by a healthy lifestyle.
And yes, a biathlon...maybe even a triathlon.