Sunday, June 20, 2010

What a stupid holiday.

It takes one sperm to be a father. It takes a whole lot more than DNA to be a dad. In 24 hours, 120 million sperm are produced. Im glad he had at least one that was not retarded from his addictions that made it to my healthy perfection of an egg. Happy freaking fathers day everyone.

21 is a great age.

Happy Birthday Brandon.

Mount Katahdin

The highest peek in all of New England
and the end of the Appalachian Trail!

Baxter State Park has over 200 miles of hiking trails in some of the wildest and most spectacular terrain in New England. Some of the trails are over 100 years old and the Park provides a variety of hiking trails from an easy hike to Big and Little Niagara Falls to a strenuous all-day climb to Baxter Peak. We hiked from 0930 to 2100. We made it 5,267 feet in elevation!