Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Casey Anthony is Florida Trash

If you want to kill your child or you are too busy to pay attention to them,
give them to me and I will love and care for them beyond anything else in this world.
I don't care how Caylee died.
The fact is she is gone due to the actions of an adult,
she was a child!
I would deliberate till the cows came home
and would have hung that jury regardless of the evidence.
This makes me sick to my stomach.
Today was an embarrassment for our legal system.
Justice was not served.

Casey Anthony, you are a crazy ass bitch
and I hope you rot in hell for what you did to your daughter.

The Adventures of Amanda and Amanda - Bike Bird to Gird

Amanda and Amanda spent the fourth of July biking the infamous "Bird to Gird" bike path. Bird to Gird is a paved path that runs parallel to the New Seward Highway (the only highway in the world that has ocean in the middle and mountains on each side) The bike path is smooth and filled with fun turns, small hills and great views. It is said to be the original highway, therefore is wide enough for a car...the perfect bike route with a one way distance of 14.1 miles.