Monday, November 23, 2009

Move Along

Im so annoyed
Over done
Played over and over
Im over it
Im over all of you
Im not interested in how you screw
Leave me alone to create and grow
Im working on me, not for your benefit 
Ive heard it all 
Tired of the same old stories over and over
Age is just a number 
but as those numbers climb, so do I 
Higher and higher
Above the bullshit

Are you fucking kidding me;
"What are you wearing?" you ask me.
Im wearing exactly what I want, if I wasnt I would change.

"Do you want it?" you said
What ever I want, I get myself.

"Do you want to get naked?"
No, its fucking cold in here, I have a mortgage, not a dorm room and heating fuel is expensive.

"When was the last time you had sex?"
First of all, thats none of your business and really what I want to know, are you asking, "When was the last time I had good sex, or when was the last time sex meant something to me?"

Look, I am on a quest to better myself emotionally, spiritually and artistically.  And through that process continue to be the wonderful mother I have been since    
2-20-04.  I just dont see how some random guy fits into that equation. You want my attention, keep it in your pants and say something intelligent. Raise the bar with who you are as a person. 
What do you give of yourself to this world? If you dont know the answer to that, how do you think you have something to offer me??? 

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