Sunday, November 22, 2009

Creative Seclusion

I thank God for my daughter. Not only do I love her more than life its self, but she keeps me grounded and on a schedule of sanity. If it wasnt for her, I would dive deep into my paint and get lost. 

I would loose track of time and the day of the week. I would be a full time artist and live off of my commissions working per diem here and there to pay the rent, ya I wouldnt have a home. Just a loft apartment with my easels and a twin size mattress on the floor, living with the bare essentials. A simple life. No schedule, just my paint, canvas and commission deadlines.

 My number one goal is to see that she has the best childhood possible given the dysfunctional challenges we have been dealt. Our home is filled with music, art, laughter and most of all, love. When she is gone living her own dream, my world will seem empty, and I am sure to get lost in the paint.  

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