Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Excuse Me Sir.

Some men are so stupid. If they arent challenging my status on facebook, they are sending me one liners in my inbox to "win" me. Here is what I got tonight,
"You are cute"

I responded with,
"I would rather be original, hard working and a good person. I am all of that and more."

He wrote back,
"text me (along with his number)"

I then sent,

As Ladessa said tonight about a man,
"u came only because u saw everything i already am!"

Why do some men get so butt hurt over the fact that I am a strong beautiful independent woman that doesnt "need" a lame ass man in my life!?! While others want to be the superhero that wants to rescue me from being alone.

I posted Kellys Maybe lyrics earlier and they come to mind again,
"I don't want to be tough
And I don't want to be proud
I don't need to be fixed and I certainly don't need to be found
I'm not lost"

To the assholes that try to prove me wrong and tell me that I am hurt and need a man in my life to be happy; I am Amanda Delight and I am becoming much greater than the idealistic version of who you think I am. If that makes you uncomfortable or hurts your manhood, then go take it out on some crazy co-dependent that will allow you to control them like a puppet, let you suck the life and identity out of them while serving you your dinner on a plate while you watch tv, thats not me.

To the lame one liners, I have and will continue to work hard for all that I am and all that I have, what makes you think that you are worthy of that?

Oh and to the men that dont fit into either group, thank you. You are a blessing to society.

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