Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Love, Kristin

you are one of the most free spirited, giving people that I have ever met. Years ago when we met riding down the mountain I never thought that you would have sucha huge impact on my life. 
I didnt know why you were brought into my life when you were... but now I know.
 I look to you for inspiration, as you have become somewhat of a muse for me in finding my own "free spirit" in this life. I have no artistic abllities like you, have no child to hold, and lack the network of people that you have... so yes...I do feel ALONE in this world, but because of you and your strive to be exactly who you are this makes me want to be a more "free-er spriit" on this earth and to strive to be who i'm supposed to be in this life! 
So...To you.. Cheers and thank you for all that you have taught me! Through all of the ups and downs you have always remained true to who you are, and I inspire to be as true to myself as you are to you! I am blessed to have made it into your life, your heart, and to have a sweet piece of me on a canvas that you brushed! 
From me to you,

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