Tuesday, January 01, 2013

2012 Year review of Pillow Talk with Amanda Delight

I wasnt going to write anything for the end of the year or for the new year to come for that matter. Until today when I was thinking about last night right before it struck midnight here in Anchorage. The guy standing next to me asked, 
"What is your New Year Resolution?" 
I said without hesitation,
 "I dont have one, because I am already doing what I want."
He then began to repeat it to others he was with as if I had said something really profound. 
The fact of the matter is, its the truth. 
So I began to reflect and trace back the past year.
I had on a lil dress last night, size 5...I didnt notice the size 
till I took it off when I got home.
 My goal last year was to get into a size 6. 
I guess I can check that off my list. 
2012 was the year of food prep and meal plan for me. 
Understanding my intake with complex carbs, lean protein, healthy fats and vegetables.
It was the year that I was tired of having a "mommy" body
 and decided to do something about it for good.
 I invested in myself.
 I spent money and time into my health and appearance and it was worth it.
I can do things in the gym now that I never thought would be possible!
 This was the year of comparison. 
Adam told me,'It takes longer for the mind to catch up with the body."
And he was right. 
I have a hard time believing my transformation until I take photos, 
so I take them weekly. 

 I never in my life wore a bikini until this year. 
Maybe its still debatable if I should or not...
or even be posting bra and pantie pics online for that matter. 
But whatever.
I enjoy sharing my story and inspiring others to make healthy changes as well. 
Even those I despise. 
Yes, I know who reads my blog and stalks my other social networks. 
Which brings me to my next main break through this year. 
I once loved and was loved, and my daughter is my token of that. 
The picture above is of that first moment when that thought came to mind, 
and it made me smile. 
It was a rare opportunity because I caught it on video. 
God, I love that kid. 
Her growth is a constant reminder that time doesnt stand still and things do change. 
Everything changes around us. 
 What else? 
Ah yes, family. 
My brother got married this year and I met a lifeline to my Delight heritage here in Alaska!
Meet Robert, our Grandmothers were sisters. 
Art, what about art??
I entered a contest and started a new medium. 
Notice its not in the forefront...
and Im okay with that, for now. 

I did do something though that is. 
I told someone that I fell in love with them.
Even though he is a bazillion miles away now, 
I hope to see him soon. 
To me there is no greater inspiration in this world than love. 
Will that love be returned and develop into anything? 

I have no idea.  But at least I said it. 
Live every day like its your last.
 Dont wait for a calender to page to turn. 
If you want something, go get it. 
The only thing stopping you from reaching your goal, is you! 
 Happy New Year!
From Amanda Delight 
Downtown Anchorage, AK

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