Monday, September 05, 2011

Dear Amanda Delight

I love learning about myself through the eyes of others. I believe its a viewpoint that is often hard to see as we judge our own actions and emotions. Therefore I would like to share this correspondence between myself and another man that I have been dodging for a while.

HIM: I think you're afraid of a guy liking you.

ME: I think you are absolutely right.

HIM: Hey, I think I fully understand you. That is why I will bid you farewell. I apologize for giving you unwanted attention. I don't know how to put it poetically, everyone chases that warm feeling of beauty and happiness. That is why you're probably an artist.
"We do our best work when we're sad depress or happy. Painting and drawing is like endlessly making love, only you know when you're satisfied. We always want to capture that perfect moonlight, that perfect sunset. We believe nobody will understand us, and we leave our expression up for interpretation in our art."
I want to end this with something funny and sincere, I don't know where this expression came from but toodaloo . May one day you find your sunset ;)

I read this email this afternoon as I came out of the woods from a 5 mile hike in the rain. He is right, I am looking for perfection....and Im cool with that because I wouldnt want to alter my life for anything short of a sunset or the perfect moonlight. After all my heart belongs to another and I do have my art which is like endless love making.

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