Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Anorexia is for fat people

Tonight I cooked and ate a steak on my own for the first time ever.

While I was cooking it,

I texted Adam to tell him that I weighed myself at the gym

and I am 7 lbs heaver than when I stepped on the scale a couple months ago.

I told him that I feel like a fatty

and to sit down and eat a steak tonight

was going against every anorexic thought I had.

He replied with,

"Anorexia is for fat people"

I told him him I am doing what ever it takes to change my body,

and with that in mind,

I took my first bite of the steak.

Its been years since I have consumed one...

and I have to say it was very satisfying.

Kind of like a great orgasm.

I just wanted to sit there and relic in the after glow

and it left me wanting it again.

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