Sunday, May 06, 2012

Then and Now.

5-7-12 Im happy with my results, though this is not the end of my journey. Its a life long commitment to stay healthy. But with that said, Im moving on from here and starting a new mission. Ive reached my physical goals, its time to start a new one! 

5-17-11 There was a point in time when I hid from the camera, even with all of the world wide networking I did to promote myself. I no longer have to hide or "control" my media. This is me. All of me and I am going to continue my transformation, and ladies, there is no reason why you cant do it too!!! 

10-29-10 Excuse me while I take center stage and tell you about my measurements at the gym. Since I started at CTP on 5/10/10, Ive lost 15.75" from my body. 11 of those inches Ive lost in the past 4 weeks. Of the 8 body parts measured, my greatest loss was my AB Girth (navel) at 6.5" I am just getting started people, and you can do it too! I am only 10 pounds away from having lost 100 pounds! 

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