Saturday, November 05, 2011

What is Love?

Something so powerful and intricate its hard to articulate

but let me tell you this:

Its touch can put me to sleep

and its absence keeps me up through the night.

Yet its what gets me out of bed in the morning

and makes me work hard.

It strikes an emotion so deep in me,

its the greatest con artist I know.

Love made me commit and sacrifice my dreams,

Yet it was love that made me start all over.

It can not be bought or sold.

Its pure and without a doubt the most wanted thing on this planet.

Its what we think we have...but don't

Its a master of disguise.

Love is magical

Love will make you delirious and blind.

It will make you high and intoxicated,

its potion can take away your appetite, even your breath.

Love is what makes us human.

Love makes us feel alive.

I believe its the basis of every emotion we feel and express.

Love, it means all of this and so much more.

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