Saturday, March 19, 2011

Diet and Exercise

When someone says they lost the weight through diet and exercise, I feel as though they are not truly answering the question as to how they did it. So I thought I would try and explain mine.

This is me Dec of 2008.
While in the hospital giving birth to my daughter, I top the scales at 230lbs. In this picture I was approx 175, I dont truly know because at this point I has stopped looking in the mirrors, let alone weighing myself. Pictures of me like this are extremely rare. I happened to stumble upon this one via a friends facebook photo album.

First of all, you have to want a change.
Its a lot of work and its something that you have to always be conscious of. I admit, Im obsessed with it...but I feel as though you will never see a change if you arent to some degree committed to a healthier you.

I avoid most meat, though I dont recommend it and I try to consume what I can for its protein value only. I mainly drink water, rice milk and orange juice. I enjoy all types of salads and soups. Pasta is my down fall and I try to limit my white-carb intake. I also try to avoid sugar in the juice I drink and an excessive amount of salt in the soup I eat. I eat this way, because it is what I enjoy, and its what works for me. I dont consider it a "diet" its just what I eat. My life doesnt revolve around food. I eat when Im hungry and always try to consider is portion size.

I feel as though mixing it up to avoid a routine helps with the longevity of staying with it. It is however good to get in a routine of WHEN you are doing it, so you stay committed to a time. My personal goal it to strengthen and tighten my core and build my cardio. So I combine those in my workouts.

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