Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Trust Love

Last night he gave me a beautiful ring, I was in love. 
Tonight, I caught him in bed with another girl, I was a fool. 
Tomorrow I rise above, and I walk away.

Im Amanda Delight, you couldnt possibly think that I wouldnt blog about this! 

"Amanda you have to forgive what has happened in your past and move to the future of what it is you want in life. Some go through the motions of what they think others will expect, and some just go through the comfort of life. 
But Amanda you are more extraordinary then you think ... more then what most should be entitled to have. There is a plan out there for you. The universe is in motion ... just know that no matter what in the end the one thing that will always be there for you to depend on is yourself ... because without love for yourself there is no self to love.... LOoVE!" ~Tae T Traynor

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