Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Jared Knight

This painting I did of Artist, Jared Knight was inspired by the style and composition of Vincent van Gogh's self portrait with straw hat dated 1887. 

Jared Knight is an abstract painter, who explores the world without formed thought. He feels that organized thought is what is destroying us. He has been painting all of his life, and in every dream. painting, for him is a way of life, a way of finding, and losing ones self. Abstract painting is dangerous, and fast. He warns you to be careful when viewing his work... you might not make it back.

I have known Jared since 2007. He has become a great friend and confidant. Not only has he been instrumental in my growth as an artist helping me understand the ways of the industry, but he has seen me get through some huge milestones in my personal life as well. We have exchanged paintings back and forth that we have collaborated on and we have also done each others portraits. Not to mention, we have made several videos of each other...and Jared has posted some hilarious parodies of yours truly that I absolutely adored!

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