Friday, December 18, 2009


The last time I walked out of the bedroom that I spent my later childhood/teen years in, I left behind these lyrics hanging in a frame on the wall with the ticket stub from the Alanis concert I had gone too.  I grew up being reminded of how I was never good enough. I was verbally broken down over and over. I told myself that I would never return. So, left these words there to tell my story and now I share them here with you;

"Sometimes is never quite enough
If you're flawless, then you'll win my love
Don't forget to win first place
Don't forget to keep that smile on your face

Be a good boy
Try a little harder
You've got to measure up
And make me prouder

How long before you screw it up
How many times do I have to tell you to hurry up
With everything I do for you
The least you can do is keep quiet

Be a good girl
You've gotta try a little harder
That simply wasn't good enough
To make us proud

I'll live through you
I'll make you what I never was
If you're the best, then maybe so am I
Compared to him compared to her
I'm doing this for your own damn good
You'll make up for what I blew
What's the problem...why are you crying

Be a good boy
Push a little farther now
That wasn't fast enough
To make us happy
We'll love you just the way you are
If you're perfect 

Now all of these years later, this song brings me right back to that room. Only now I stand there a strong and independent woman, laughing at the fool that thought I would fail. Here is what I have to say to that fool, "Go have another drink."  

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