Sunday, December 27, 2009

Lauren Halvorson

"I'm the girl who believes in the impossible. 
I'm the girl who listens to her heart instead of her mind. 
I'm the girl who trusts her instincts, intuition, and overall feeling. 
I'm the girl who breaks all the rules, yet sets some of her own.
 I'm the girl who never stops wishing, praying, hoping. 
I'm the girl who will keep her promises, who will not make one if it may be broken along the line. 
I'm the girl who wants to be happy...
Im just that girl"

"A skateboard.... I WOULD LOVE THAT. I'd cherish it always. I love damask print.... and my apartment is all black and white with deep turquoise and a bright lighter orange accents.... so anything with any of that combination that inspires you--RUN WITH IT! :) I'm sure I'll love anything you create! I love inspirational words or quotes too... anything you can come up with, I'm sure I'll adore! Thanks girl!" ♥ Lauren

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