Wednesday, October 21, 2009

A challenge to my muse

I Can See More Beauty Than You

   ~ by OneMoreOption

I can see more beauty than you
Do you think it’s true?

Let’s have a competition between you and me
To see who can find more beauty to see

And when we think that beauty has run out
Let’s make some of our own with a shout

I want to inspire you in this endeavor against me
Because this is an effort I’m happy to lose, you see

Don’t tell me your inspiration and creations have run dry
If you do, put your back on me and drive

The only way you can become unbeautiful
Is to become invisible

Your beauty is as strong as you put it forward
As unrelenting as your care for others

Show me the eyes that helped teach me to see
Break my heart each day with your memory

Try to see and create more beauty than me
Fill the absences with spice and reverie

It will not matter who wins between you and me
It’s the effort that may benefit everyone we see

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