Tuesday, October 27, 2009


Tonight I was asked if I thought
 the church had a role in what happened to my marriage along with the question, "If so many people are against marriage in general, then why do you all feel so strongly about gay marriage?"  And this is my response;

Nope the church had no role in what happened in my marriage, I couldnt get him to go to church with me, and I wasnt about to go and have ppl whisper behind my back. I did enough things alone then and I wasnt about to go stand there with a bunch of other "families" with myself lookin like a single parent. What ever happened to the days when the priest would visit I guess is what I was making reference to. When Jared asked around for advice, he listened to "the guys" at the FD that told him to take the direction he did. I guess what Im saying is, if the church wants to save marriage, they should try and save divorce. After my experience, I dont believe in marriage. But I had that right. And I can again if I choose...because Im straight. Now, if I was gay, I should have that same right. Marriage is traditionally tied to a church, but has modern day benefits that we all should have rights to. Just think, I will vote no on 1, and you MAY vote yes...but before 1920, neither of us had that right as women. I just dont feel it is ok to take a group of people and segregate them because of a genetic quality that they have. The Salem witch trials were wrong, slavery was wrong, the holocaust was wrong, Japanese Internment camps were wrong, women oppression was wrong. I just hope that some day when Samantha is older, I can tell her about this and it will seem so ludicrous to her that once upon a time, the churches (a place where god loves "all") supported the governments control and segregation over marriage. Its time for change. 

Vote NO on 1.

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