Sunday, September 27, 2009

My Perfect Man

Who is he?
What is he like?
He is the combination of others Ive known.

He will be hard working like my grandfather 
and easy going like Oscar
He will have the passion of Christopher
and the humor of Alex
His MoJo will emanate pheromones like those of Ed
And he will be devoted and loyal like Jeremy
He will F*** like Aaron 
and make love like Cassidy
He can make me feel like a goddess on paper 
with the artistic ability of Chris
and he can inspire me to no end like Timmy
He will make me feel young again like D.J. 
and will understand me like J. Knight
he will have musical taste like Bruce
and can dance like Mark
He will be sensitive like my brother
but strong like Paul
his name is... be continued...

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