Sunday, September 06, 2009

I went fishing today

I found this on a dating profile today...yes I was looking, dont judge me, judge him! I think its honest, funny, creative and has personality. 

"Termianly frustrated, carbon outdated. Too many one liners. 
Bored with many things or the lack there of. Lovers lost.
Sick of looking. Sick of the same story over and over. 
(thought a few people have called me a liar for telling of my life,
that's amusing, I think nothing so special, sounds so extravagant to
others) I already gave up, I'm here. what ever happens happens, 
Ill keep on keeping on.

oh but this isn't very shiny now is it?
I want our love to be like a rock, a mountain.
I bet you have some crevasses I could get some good hand holds in. 
Im a freestyle climber. That means I'm not into rope. Well not usually. "

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