Friday, July 24, 2009

Album Art

"When she paints she sings with her hands." ~Rich Munnnich

Music plays a key role in the artistic process for Amanda Delight. When she hears a song that inspires her, she will play it over and over for hours on end while she paints. Amanda feels that musicians express them selfs in song the same way she does with paint. This series is a tribute to the talented people that have inspired her to create.

This is artist Danyl Geneciran, a talented singer-songwriter that inspired me to paint him. After viewing my live webcam as I painted him, Danyl asked me how much the painting was because he liked it and wanted to buy it. I told him, 
"Its not for sale!
Because im giving it to you!
Just promise me u will keep doin what you do!
God gave us both talents to share with the world!
Plus, Im glad you like it!"

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